Frank Wiedemann—co-founder and owner of Innervisions, half of Âme, Howling, and Schwarzmann—is set to start a new label called BIGAMO. The first release comes in the form of a double-vinyl album from Fred und Luna, titled Im Klanggarten.

The story goes like this: Frank stumbled over the music but realized it was not the right fit for Innervisions. Nonetheless, he felt it was so “special” that and it connected to his non-house-music taste so he started BIGAMO, a home for electronic listening music.

Fred und Luna is a project of the musician, video artist, author, and DJ Rainer Buchmüller from Karlsruhe/Germany. The project recently released an EP on Optimo and found a Prins Thomas remix on Innervisions. It began as an homage to German electronic music of the ’70s and ’80s known as “Kraut”; however, Rainer gives his style an own name: Elektrokraut or Krautelektro, where he’s blending Kraut elements, such as repetitive rhythms, with melodies and modern electronic sounds.

Fred und Luna’s debut album is available now as BIGAMO’s first release, with streams available below.