Two of the Bay Area’s most forward-thinking producers of all sorts of experimental electronic sounds, Amon Tobin and Eskmo, have joined their genre-pushing forces under the collaborative moniker Eskamon. The duo simultaneously unveiled its first single, an exploration of field recordings and studio-generated sound manipulation called “Fine Objects,” released on Eskmo’s own imprint, Ancestor Media. But it wouldn’t be terribly inventive were that the extent of it. To entice fans and fellow sound makers to check out Eskamon’s firstborn, a sound bank and Ableton Live pack made up entirely of sounds used in the “Fine Objects” track are available for download from the duo’s website in exchange for your email address. While there, you can also check out a snippet of “Fine Objects,” and read more about the track and the project’s genesis. If that’s not enough to whet your bass-lusting appetite, the latest solo tune from Eskmo, “Sister, You Have Got to Listen,” is available for free download from Amon Tobin’s online store.