Mischa Blanos will release a new EP as Alimori, titled A Chair in the Museum.

Mischa Blanos is an experiential jazz musician based in Romania, widely known for his work as one third of Amorf alongside Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. Alimori is his new alias, used for his jazz-driven techno club pieces and for creating sonic spheres of ambient music.

For Alimori, Blanos abandons the acoustic piano but “transfers its soul by manipulating the machines as if they were acoustic instruments and infusing elusive yet deeply rooted classical structures,” he explains.

In choosing his alias, he was inspired by an old Romanian tradition, where Alimori is the ritual celebration of the living fire. All across the villages, wheels of fire were burned and pushed downhill as to announce people to join and praise the arrival of the spring.

The EP inaugurates Blanos’ own Longcut Records, a label dedicated to explore the power of music to tell stories, “unconstrained by musical genres or today’s trends,” he explains.

Artwork comes from Irina Selaru.


01. 24 Palms
02. A. I. Curated
03. Crops of Wires
04. Appetite For

A Chair in the Museum is out digitally on May 1. You can read more about it here, and stream “24 Palms” and “Appetite For” below.