Warp sub-label Arcola will release the debut EP from Anastasia Kristensen, Ascetic

The four-track release follows killer remixes and notable productions for various compilations. While we’re told that the EP has roots in techno, it offers a multitude of audio dimensions to explore.  From the skeletal noise techno of “LXR Jam,” the brazen hardcore flex of “Ascetic,” and its breakbeat counterpart “Ascetic (In Breaks),” and the industrial/dub tech-noir of “Donni,” Ascetic EP is described as “the perfect accompaniment to the whirlwind of emboldened intensity witnessed at Anastasia’s international DJ sets every week.”  

Warp Records relaunched its Arcola sub-label last year with a  vinyl-only EP from Rian Treanor. It launched in 2003, operating as an “abstract dance-oriented offshoot” of Warp before going dormant in 2004.


A1. Ascetic

A2. LXR Jam

B1. Ascetic (In Breaks) 

B2. Donni

Ascetic EP lands March 1, with clips below.