Ancient Methods will release his debut album in October, titled The Jericho Records. 

Ancient Method’s roots can be traced back to 2007 when it was formed by Michael Wollenhaupt and his then-partner Conrad Prutzmann, conceived a rebellion again the minimal sounds that were then so prominent. 

The project is now headed up by Wollenhaupt and has carved itself a name for its dark, industrial, and blackened take on techno—a raw, intense breed that’s uncompromisingly powerful and driving. And despite retaining an inherent functionality, Wollenhaupt’s work distances itself somewhat from much of the generic, four-to-the-floor techno. Check out one of his many productions (“My Ice Baby” being perhaps the best example), and you’ll notice underlying tones of minimal wave, post-punk, and ’80s EBM—a sound signature that sits at the core of his artistic identity. 

Labelled as a prequel to his previous seven releases, The Jericho Records materializes an idea that has been in its creator’s head since the beginning of this project: to transform the biblical story and the accompanying picture, that can be found on almost all previous Ancient Methods releases, into sonic images. We’re told that the album is an “attempt to create the pictures by the music itself.” Throughout the three chapters of the album (“The City Of Jericho,” “The Battle,” and “The Aftermath,” each represented on one vinyl) “these pictures appear sometimes as a rather abstract scoring of a mood,” the label explains. 

The 14-track release features contributions from Regis, Orphx, Prurient, and Cindytalk.


A1 / 1. Walls

A2 / 2. Twelve Stones To Divide Jordan’s Sand

A3 / 3. The City Awakes

B1 / 4. Treason Creeps In

B2 / 5. The House Of Rahab

C1 / 6. Array The Troops (feat. Regis)

C2 / 7. The Seven Shofars (feat. Orphx)

D1 / 8. Crack And Collapse In The Storm Of Lights

D2 / 9. Swordplay

E1 / 10. Omen’s Duty

E2 / 11. I Am Your New King (feat. King Dude)

F1 / 12. Moonset (feat. Cindytalk)

F2 / 13. Walking On Cursed Soil (feat. Prurient)

F3 / 14. In Silence

The Jericho Records will be released on October 1 on Ancient Methods (AM-00) as a 3×12“, with the artwork of Trine + Kim Design Studio, Oslo. Meanwhile, you can stream an excerpt of “Array The Troops” (feat. Regis) via the player below.