AnD are set to release a new album on Speedy J‘s Electric Deluxe, titled Social Decay.

Social Decay is described by the label as one of the Manchester duo’s “most overwhelming and most innovative efforts.”

Whereas their previous LP Cosmic Microwave Background—which also came out on Electric Deluxe—”utilized the duo’s intensity to pay homage to the enormity of the universe and the incomprehensibly violent processes involved in its creation,” Social Decay “takes things back to earth and right down to a “street view” more gritty and contentious than what Google Maps often reveals.”


01. First Element
02. Corrupted Structures
03. Anarchic Rhapsody
04. Corrogated Windows
05. UFO
06. Narcissism
07. Pandemonium
08. Screaming Voices
09. Artificial Intelligence
10. Resisting Authority
11. Taking Control
12. Kepler
13. Disturbed Reality

Social Decay is out September 22, with a video teaser streamable above.