Photo | Tess Jetkinoff

Andrew Wilson will release his debut album as Andras via Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space.

Joyful is said to cut a path through an overgrowth of nostalgia around ’70s acid folk and ’90s acid house. The seven-track LP sees the Australian musician, formerly known as Andras Fox, cultivate melodic drama and tenderness with memorable hooks and rapturous arpeggios; we’re told that “sentimental strings summon both joyful aspirations and the shadows of faded dreams.”

Wilson has previously used a variety of aliases, including Wilson Tanner, Berko, and Art Wilson, but this is his first album as Andras. He’s released three albums as Andras Fox, two in collaboration with Oscar Key Sung.

The album follows an EP from Anatolian Weapons on Beats in Space.

Joyful is available on LP and digital formats on January 31, 2020. On behalf of Andras, a portion of proceeds from this release will benefit the Invasive Species Council on the recommendation of Tim Low, author of the book “Feral Future and Where Song Began.”

You can stream a video for “Honeybird” below, shot by Josephine Ravitz and Max Ravitz.


01. Honeybird
02. Live Forever
03. Poppy
04. River Red
05. Harf Green
06. Saga of Sweetheart
07. Goggles