Seasoned Detroit house producer Andrés has announced that he will release a new single via his own La Vida label in March. The man behind 2012’s all-conquering “New For U” has been relatively quiet on the release front since that track’s release, though he did collaborate with Moodymann last year on the track “Lyk U Used 2,” and has remained active under his hip-hop alias, DJ Dez.

Previews of the three soul-washed tracks that make up Andrés’ forthcoming Believin’ 12″ can be heard now over at the FIT Distribution site, and unsurprisingly, they seem to suggest the Motor City veteran is very much sticking with the warm house sound that has long been his trademark. Ahead of its release next month, the forthcoming record’s tracklist has also been included below.

1. Believin’
2. Can’t Shake It
3. Jungle Pain