The man behind Hercules and Love Affair, Andy Butler (pictured above), and SF DJ/producer Jason Kendig have announced the follow-up to their original collaboration, last year’s vintage-house-inspired ““And I’m (So in Love With You).” The initial collaborative track, which served as the inaugural release for Butler’s Mr. INTL imprint, has stood as the only audio the two had collectively produced for over a year, but now they’ve passed along word of a brand-new track called “Give It To Me,” which, according to the press release, “effortlessly evokes the golden era of the Chi-town box jam.” A tall order, but one we’re sure they’ll have no trouble fulfilling. No preview of “Give It To Me” is available yet, but the forthcoming single (with a b-side remix from the German Snuff Crew) is set to be released digitally via Beatport in September with a vinyl release following shortly thereafter.