Modern Love fixture Andy Stott is preparing to release his third album for the label in November, following 2012’s celebrated full-length Luxury Problems. The UK producer’s forthcoming Faith in Strangers has reportedly been in the works since January of last year, and is described as “a largely analog variant of hi-tech production styles, arcing from the dissonant to the sublime.” Throughout the album, Stott makes use of an array of instruments, field recordings, found sounds, and vocal treatments, with guest appearances from Euphonium player Kim Holly Thorpe and returning vocalist Alison Skidmore.

Modern Love will deliver Faith in Strangers on November 18 and its tracklist is on view below, where album cut “Violence” can also be heard in full.

1. Time Away
2. Violence
3. On Oath
4. Science & Industry
5. No Surrender
6. How It Was
7. Damage
8. Faith in Strangers
9. Missing