LA-based producer, Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon,) is dropping a new full-length via the Friends of Friends imprint next year. Petrol precedes the Camembert EP (released on the same imprint in October this year,) and once again features his characteristic blend of live instrumentation and electronica.

The experimental artist, who has released the majority of his projects via his own Non Projects imprint, has also previously released tracks on distinguished imprints such as: Ghostly International and Innovative Leisure.

Hear the track,”Mouth,” from his upcoming album or view the tracklisting in full, below.

01. Body
02. Lumina
03. Once
04. CXP
05. Mouth
06. Hinoki
07. Machines
08. Panes
09. Petrol

Petrol is due out via Friends of Friends on March 4, 2016.