Experimental French artist Annabelle Playe has released her third album with Franck Vigroux’s DAC Records, titled Geyser

Geyser consists of two elongated experimental tracks (“Geyser I” and “Geyser II”), and is brimming with volatile noise, immersive drones, harmonic echoes, and other electroacoustic elements. We’re told that the dynamic range goes into extremes, bursting into fiery moments of constant peaks in one section and resting into somber moments of minimalism the next. 

Playe on Geyser: “An electronic journey questioning what moves inside and brings us beyond. Questioning detail, speed, fragmentation, and continuum.” 


01. Geyser I

02. Geyser II

Geyser LP is available now via DAC Records. Listen to the record’s A-side below, with ordering options from DAC Records here