Answer Code Request is set to return with a sophomore album, Gens, scheduled for February 23 release via Ostgut Ton.

Answer Code Request’s 2014 debut LP Code was an exciting moment for electronic music in Berlin—one that offered a break from the eternal hall and monolithic 4/4 kicks that ruled the city’s club landscape. As a hybrid gesture, the album’s spirit recalled an especially fruitful era in the German capital from the mid-’90s to early 2000s, when dub and pad-driven Detroit techno cross-pollinated with Berlin’s industrial aesthetic to create one of the city’s most exciting musical chapters.

We’re told that this follow-up album “looks beyond the bass euphoria of Code toward darker horizons and a desolate atmosphere befitting of current global circumstances.” Gräser is said to “offer an alternative, bass-heavy, and groove-based path forward for techno—one that both challenges listeners and leads them through a sonic narrative.”

“For me, the album was a way of finding myself again without relying on other music— even to distance myself from other music,“ Gräser explains. “The more shadowy mood comes from a place of experimentation, and from my desire to go deeper into the sounds of synths and instruments I’ve been using, and even faster speeds of around 160 bpm. But in a way, the instruments were a kind of medium to abstractly conduct what was happening around me and the world.” — Answer Code Request


01. Gens
02. Sphera
03. Ab Intus
04. Sensa
05. Knbn2
06. Orarum
07. Mora
08. Cicadae
09. Res
10. Audax
11. Tu
12. An Unattainable Distance

Gens is scheduled for February 23 release via Ostgut Ton.