Anthoney Hart will release his second Basic Rhythm album for Planet Mu, titled Electronic Labyrinth.

Electronic Labyrinth follows 2019’s On The Threshold, released in 2019, and it marks a maturation of the Basic Rhythm sound. The title itself conveys the overarching theme of the album, which captures the musical labyrinth that Hart has undertaken over the last 30 years or so, following a path through to the centre where these disparate strands have coalesced and solidified into today’s coherent whole.

The cover photo shows St. Fabian Tower where Hart first joined the Rude FM pirate station in the late ’90s.

Hart, born in Hastings, England in 1979, is also known as East Man, and he released Prole Art Threat on Planet Mu last year. He grew up on the boundary of East London and Essex, playing drum & bass on pirate radio. As Basic Rhythm, he draws more directly upon these years, while still pushing forward into new territories. He launched the project in 2016 on Type Recordings.


01. Craft
02. Hayward Road
03. Acid Track
04. Larkin Around
05. Electronic Labyrinth
06. Techno
07. Palace Of The Peacock
08. The Secret Ladder

Electronic Labyrinth LP is scheduled for May 14 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hayward Road” below and pre-order here.