On November 1, Anthony Green‘s cousin, Jacqui Haenn, was involved in an auto accident that left her in critical condition. In order to offset the extensive medical costs relating to the injury, Green has released two digital downloads.

Tracks include the previously unreleased “Ripped Apart” and a cover of the Monkees’ “Take A Giant Step.” Any donations made through PayPal will go directly to paying medical bills and the cost of medical helicopter transport to a Philadelphia hospital, where Haenn is being monitored 24/7 until she recuperates fully. Recovery may take up to a year.

Donations can be made at anthonygreenschildren.com/jackiehaenn.

Once a donation is made, a link will be provided for downloading the tracks.

Although this incident hits a bit closer to home, Green is no stranger to releasing tracks for a greater good. In early 2008, he and his band, Circa Survive, released another download titled “1,000 Witnesses,” a b-side off their most recent release, On Letting Go. The download benefited Invisible Children, Inc., a non-profit group that promotes global awareness of the civil war in northern Uganda, where children are often kidnapped and forced to join military brute squads. Circa Survive also released another download called “The Most Dangerous Commercials,” in order to help Siren Records relocate their offices.

Green released his first solo album, Avalon, in August of 2008.

01 Ripped Apart
02 Take A Giant Step (The Monkees Cover)