Anthony Linell (a.k.a Abdulla Rashim) will release a new LP on Northern Electronics, titled Emerald Fluorescents.

Emerald Fluorescents will be the Stockholm-based artist’s first vinyl outing under his birth name, and lands after he released the Consolidate cassette last month.

The LP will be accompanied by two further releases from the label, including an LP from Bandhagens Musikförening (a.k.a Michel Isorinne and Martin Sander (Hypnobirds)). Protokoll A, the duo’s debut record, “tangles mournful, surreal profiles with euphoric, sunset electro,” according to the label.

In addition to this, the label will release its third Scandinavian Swords compilation, which features new Bandhagens Musikförening and Isorinne material along with tracks from both Linell and fellow label head Varg.


Anthony Linell Emerald Fluorescents

01. Genesis
02. Fractal Vision
03. Yazd
04. (We) Wash Ashore
05. Emerald Fluorescents
06. Watchtowers/Frontex
07. Cold Response
08. Bridges In Flames

Bandhagens Musikförening Protokoll A

01. Sista Station
02. Protokoll A
03. Vändpunkt
04. Elyseiska Fälten
05. Fastväxt
06. Papperstrassel

Scandinavian Swords III

01. Isorinne “Ambivalens”
02. Bandhagens Musikförening “Testbild”
03. Varg “Regel 3:36”
04. Isorinne “Bård Av Anderöster”
05. CA2+ “Hyperkapni”
06. Anthony Linell “Skuldens Orsak”

All three releases will land on July 10, while “Fractal Vision” and the title track from Linell’s LP both streamable in full below.