Anthony Naples will soon release his fifth album, orbs.

Since his debut EP in 2012, Naples has helped to keep a steady flow of music coming. With the exception of 2019’s Fog FM, he’s used the album format as a chance to break from the solid structures of house and techno, exploring new and often formless territories.

They’re also normally founded on the rushes of inspiration from pivotal moments in life. Take Me With You, from 2018, was an after-hours ode dedicated to the fuzzy mornings with friends, and Chameleon, released in 2021, was an imaginary studio session with various versions of self.

orbs, which lands on ANS, a division of Naples’ Incienso label dedicated to his own productions, is a “moody portal of shoegazed and slow motion songs suspended in thin air,” we’re told.

The album doesn’t reassemble the Naples sound from the ground up, “so much as enhances and expands its scope in all directions.” Across 10 new tracks, “samples and instruments meld together into new languorous and liquid forms that with or without the beat of drums, shift with the gentle movements of time.”


01. Moto Verse
02. Orb Two
03. Morph
04. Silas
05. Gem
06. Ackee
07. Scars
08. Strobe
09. Tito
10. Unknow

orbs is scheduled for June 2 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Silas” in full below and pre-order here.

Photo: Jenny Slattery