Anthony Rother will return to his Psi49Net label with a new album later this month, titled 3L3C7RO Commando. 

This latest 10-track release follows the Omnitronic EP for Danny Daze’s Omnidisc, landing December 2017, and also “Technic Electric,” a standout track on DVS1’s Fabric 96 mix. The LP addresses the technological singularity, the creation, and expansion of artificial intelligence, and features “Me Myself Into The Future,” an inclusion on Marcel Dettmann’s mix CD for Tsugi Magazine 116 in October. 

Starting his recording career in the late ‘80s, Rother, an Offenbach producer, broke through with his 1997 Sex with the Machines album debut and 2000’s Simulationszeitalter. He founded his own record label Psi49Net in 1998, before finding Datapunk in 2004 as another platform for his techno and electro explorations. His discography now encompasses over a dozen albums and 12″s


01. Singularity 

02. Creator

03. 3L3C7RO Commando

04. Observer

05. Me Myself Into the Future

06. Emulation


08. Living in the Future

09. End of Dreams

10. The Machine

3L3C7RO Commando will arrive on November 21 via Psi49Net