Anthony Rother will release his second EP on the reinvigorated Psi49Net label later this month, titled Psi49Net 104.

Earlier this year, Rother put out a pair of 12’’s on DVS1’s Mistress, and swiftly returned to his own Psi49Net with the label’s first EP since 2003, Psi49Net 103. We’re told that Psi49Net 104 carries on Rother’s sonic exploration of a twisted electro techno sound that pursues the stripped-down energy of techno while maintaining electro’s eccentricity.

Around that time, Rother will also also drop his We Are The Future EP on Radio Slave’s Rekids offshoot, Stranger In The Night.

In November, Rother will also launch a new label called Ghost Archive. In contrast to Psi49Net 104 which will remain Rother’s home for what he deems “true electro music,” Ghost Archive will explore a more techno-driven sound and showcase dancefloor tracks that have been tested and played during his sets.


01. Hyperbolic
02. 3L3C7RO Dont Stop
03. Inner Space Odyssey
04. Bilocation
Digital Bonus: Expedition

Psi49Net 104 lands September 18, with clips below.

For more information on Rother, read our studio feature HERE.