Antonin Jeanson (a.k.a Antigone) will release a new EP on Token, titled Ostinato.

Ostinato, a two-tracker, will be the French DJ-producer’s fourth EP on Kriz’ Gent-based label, following on from his 2015 breakout Cantor Dust and last year’s Time Enough At Last and Saudade. It will be his first record of 2017, drawing its name from the musical term for a repeating motif or phrase.

And the record adheres to its title on both sides. “The tracks play with layering techniques, gradually building a spectrum of sound around their respective persistent motifs,” the label explains. “Antigone shifts these insistent base elements, allowing them the foreground before masking within a blend of carefully processed and organic-sounding details.”


A / 1. Ostinato I
AA / 2. Ostinato II

Ostinato EP is scheduled for September 8 release.