Antonin Jeanson (a.k.a Antigone) has announced the release of an upcoming EP landing next month via Token Records. Named Saudade, the record follows the Cantor Dust EP—Antonin’s popular seven-track double-record that saw release in May of last year—marking his debut on the Belgian imprint. The French artist has recently been at the forefront of the techno scene with a recently announced collaborative EP alongside friend and producer François X, titled We Move As One, scheduled for release later this month via Dement3d Records.


A1 Night Adrift
B1 Hiraeth

Saudade is set to land via Token on March 11, 2016. To learn more about how it came about, we spoke with Token label head, Kr!z. 

This will actually be the Antigone’s second release on Token, succeeding his successful debut double EP, Cantor Dust. What is it about his work that you find fits so nicely with the vision of the label? 
I think he has a unique sound. I could already hear it when I discovered his music in 2013, and since then I feel he’s grown and really developed a sound of his own. To my ear it sounds fresh. You can hear he knows where techno is coming from; he uses classic elements, but he made them his own and took it to the next level. Plus, he’s not just a one-trick pony: He likes to experiment and push himself. These are all characteristics I’m looking for when signing artists. I feel everyone on Token has it and that their music proves it.

Regrettably, after your recent accident, Token had to put on the brakes after during a period where it was putting out records regularly, and hosting label showcases all over Europe. How does it feel to be back to work and take the label back on the road? 
It feels great to be back. I’m still not fully recovered, so traveling & DJing is not that easy at the moment, but it just feels incredible to be out there again and play music to people. The accident was just under five months ago, and, even though that’s a while ago, my doctors say my progress has been astonishingly fast. So, when I think about it, I can only feel lucky, not only that I’m still alive, but that I can perform again.

Things are looking great for the label too. In a way, I just want to pick it up where I left it. I have so many great records planned this year, so I’m excited to get all this music out. And also I’m looking ahead to 2017 already, when Token will turn 10 years old.

The Token nights prove to be some of the best techno events all around Europe. Can you unveil some of the upcoming dates and the line up ?
For the next two months, we have showcases planned in France, UK, Belgium, Georgia and Denmark. Here are the details:

Feb 6 — Decadance, Ghent, Belgium: Kr!z / Inigo Kennedy
Feb 14 — Village Underground, London, UK: Kr!z, Ø [Phase], Inigo Kennedy, Antigone
March 23 — Culture Box Copenhagen, Denmark: Kr!z, Antigone, Ctrls
April 1 — Bikini Toulouse, France: Kr!z, Ø [Phase], Ctrls
April 15 — Bassani Tbilisi, Georgia: Kr!z, Ø [Phase]

More to be announced later..