Antimc began his climb up music’s ladder through work with Radioinactive and playing as a member of Boom Bip’s live band, but the lifetime native of LA has since risen to prominence as an artist in his own right. Known for his infusions of crisp hip-hop, thrashing post-rock, and intricate jazz rhythms, his debut album It’s Free But It’s Not Cheap is the stuff leftfield imprint Mush Records goes wild for. A little accessible, a little eccentric, and definitely a producer to watch in 2007.

It’s Free But It’s Not Cheap is out now on Mush.


1. Ten Days Out
2. Cesspool City feat. Anthony Anzalone
3. Bellies Full Of Rain feat. Busdriver
4. What Were We So Afraid Of?
5. Canadian Dream feat. Cadence Weapon
6. The Nogoodnick feat. Andrew Broder
7. Single LIfe
8. The True Believer feat. Saafir
9. Or I May Just Dream (My Life Away) feat. Mark Mitchell