Antinote has a new compilation in the works.

The Parisian imprint’s upcoming release, Five Years Of Loving Notes, marks half a decade in business. The 14-tracker brings together plenty of familiar faces, plus a number of new ones: Israeli musician Alek Lee, Bordeaux group The Simplists and Natsukashii all line up alongside regulars GeenaTolouse Low TraxDK and Inoue Shirabe amongst others.

Five Years Of Loving Notes will be released this May. Stream snippets over at Bordello A Parigi.


01. Domenique Dumont “371”
02. St├ęphane Laporte “Timbuktu”
03. Raphael Top-Secret “Maurilia”
04. DK “Market Session”
05. Antoine Kogut & Nico Motte “Jungle Dweller”
06. Inoue Shirabe “Warm & Easy”
07. Nico Motte “Cap De Creus”
08. Iueke “Giza”
09. Tolouse Low Trax “Raut”
10. Leonardo Martelli “03 23 (Notte)”
11. Geena “Metromind”
12. Natsukashii “………..”
13. The Simplists “Ambiance 9”
14. Alek Lee “Plastic” (feat. Or Edry & Yovav)