On March 31, Antipop Consortium’s Beans will return to the fold after a five-year hiatus with three new albumsWolves of the World, Love Me Tonight, and HAAST—and his first novel, Die Tonight.

The first album of the music trilogy, Wolves of the World, features production from Canadian producer Toboggan, whereas the second album, Love Me Tonight, enlists various producers such as Sam Fog from Interpol, Gobby, Laurel Halo, Container, Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), Tobacco, and Pete Swanson, and delves into love and all of its manifestations, both rewarding and costly. The final edition in the trilogy, HAAST, deals with social issues surrounding the increased unaccountability of violence towards Black American and finds Beans working alongside Miami Schematic Music producer Ay Fast, industrial noise duo Snake ZVK, and string composer Christopher Auerbach-Brown.

The ambitious, multi-format project has been in the works for five years now, as Beans explains:

“After End It All dropped 5 years ago, I immediately started working on Love Me Tonight soon afterward but then I met this producer from Canada named Toboggan (Corey Martin) when opening a show with the Death Comet Crew. The Wolves album took a year. At the same time, I was writing the book, Die Tonight, which took 2 and half years but I was still recording and writing for both albums. After I finished Wolves, I continued putting the finishing touches on Love Me Tonight.

As I was finishing the book but was still working on Love Me Tonight, I had this idea for a record incorporating strings and other live elements but not the means to make that happen yet. After Love Me Tonight was finished, I moved and started working with producers and musicians from Cleveland on the album which became HAAST. That took a year and a half.”

The albums are limited to 500 vinyl copies each and can be pre-ordered here—only 150 pre-orders are available for each—with a cut from each album available to stream below.