Tristan Douglas will release his third Antwood LP on Planet Mu

Douglas has always used conceptual frameworks to facilitate the writing process, and Delphi is no exception. This time the Canadian artist worked with his girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger to develop a fictional character named Delphi around whom the album story develops. On a deeper level, Delphi represents the hurdles faced by modern lovers, and those felt personally by Douglas. 

“Olivia and I started making the album cover as soon as I knew what direction Delphi was headed in,” Douglas recalls. “I took objects that had significance to me at the time of production and physically recreated them as ‘Delphi world’ objects, so that the album’s narrative and tracks are represented in the cover photo.” 

Douglas ended up working on Delphi for over a year, and explains that it grew in parallel to his own life. “It became story-like, and I embraced the story-like quality of it,” he says. 

The 13-track album is Douglas’ first solo release since 2017. 


01. Skype Ghost

02. Club Dread

03. Delphi

04. Queasy

05. A Hostile Message

06. Healing Labyrinth

07. Portal

08. First Delphic Hymn (To Apollo)

09. Cave Moth

10. Castalian Fountain

11. Ecstatic Dance

12. Delphi’s Song

13. Some Dust

Delphi lands on July 19, with “Castalian Fountain” streaming below.