Aparde will release a new album on Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, titled Hands Rest

Hands Rest is Paul Schröder’s second studio album, following 2017’s Glass, also on Ki Records. While reflecting the essence of Berlin’s club scene, the album also takes us into the depths of the musician himself, to a world that is both intimate and profound. As a result, it has the duality of an artist who is both entertaining Berlin’s nightlife through electronic sounds and delving deep into his own emotions through avant-garde pop. 

It was created over the span of one year after the breakup of a long relationship. “The process was very diffused in terms of time, because over the past year my life circumstances have been very complicated and often frustrating, and I had to motivate myself again and again,” Schröder recalls. “It [the break up] was accompanied by numbness and repression. This was followed by a period of inactivity and the thought of ending my activity as a musician.”


01. Tar

02. Hands Rest

03. Simple Things 

04. No Need

05. Integrity

06. Layers

07. Foreign

08. Intimacy

Hands Rest LP lands June 7, with a video of “Hands Rest” streaming below and pre-order here