Aphex Twin has added new material to his iconic Warp Records album Drukqs, with retooled versions of “Mangle 11” and “Avril 14th” placed at the end of the LP. 

“Mangle 11,” the only “new” track, is a speed-altered rework of “Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix),” with the original appearing on the Rephlex compilation from 2003, Rephlexions! An Album Of Braindance!  The reworks include two modifications of Drukqs‘ somber piano piece “Avril 14th,” designated by “Half Speed Alternative Version [Re-Recorded 2009 Nagra]” and “Reversed Music Not Audio [Re-Recorded 2009 Nagra].” 

Originally released in 2001, Drukqs is Richard D. James’ fifth studio album.

The new tracks can be streamed and purchased at the Aphex Twin store here.