Aphex Twin has opened up a new digital archive and record shop featuring a wealth of new and old material from aliases AFX, Polygon Window, GAK and The Tuss.

Included within is a four-track EP with two AFX remixes credited to Luke Vibert. Also available is the Field Day record, which is now released digitally with six extra bonus tracks.

There are also several vinyl reissues and a heap of bonus tracks to many of his releases, while his 2007 record as The Tuss, Rushup Edge, originally released on Rephlex, is also available digitally.

Additionally, “all Rephlex material will be going up” in “due course,” according to a note at the bottom of the page.



01. Luke Vibert “Spiral Staircase” (Future Music Competition, AFX Remix)
02. Luke Vibert “Spiral Staircase” (Future Music Competition, AFX ALTremix b]
03. Nightmail 1
04. 4x Atlantis take1

London 03.06.17 [field day]

01. 42DIMENSIT3 e3
02. MT1T1 bedroom microtune
03. T18A pole1
04. T03 delta t
05. em2500 M253X
06. T23 441
07. 42DIMENSIT10
08. T20A ede 441
09. MT1T2 olpedroom
10. T47 smodge
11. sk8 littletune HS-PC202
12. T13 Quadraverbia N+3
13. T17 Phase out +3
14. T63 neotek 2h949 +3 [bonus beats]
15. T16.5 MADMA with nastya+5.2
16. T08 dx1+5 6:41
17. T69T07 stasspa+3 5

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