While Richard D. James’ Rephlex label remains at the top of its game, dropping reissues from 808 State and Black Devil Disco Club, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the legend that is James (under his Aphex Twin moniker). Sure, there was the AFX’s Analord series (which totally slayed), but Aphex Twin has been the sleeping giant in recent days. Finally, James has announced a semi-comeback with a few exclusive European dates.

Playing a date at the Portishead-curated Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, England (which also includes performances from Boris, OM, and Earth) and a show with the always-impressive Luke Vibert, James appears to be back in business. Now if we can just get a follow-up to Drukgs, those of us who don’t live in Europe will have a reason to get psyched.

Tour Dates
12/01 Rome, IT: TBA
12/07 Manchester, UK: Warehouse Sessions
12/07 Minehead, UK: Butlin’s Holiday Centre
12/14 The Hague, NL: Paard