In the lead up to Syro—the forthcoming first Aphex Twin LP to appear in 13 years—details have seemed to trickle down in fragments, falling in line with the elusive producer’s convoluted backstory and general reticence (if not disdain) for conventional interviews and press. Today however, a new interview sheds light on the enigmatic artist that is Aphex Twin, finding him discussing his forthcoming LP, gear, his fondness of ’90s rave culture, and more. Penned by Philip Sherburne for Pitchfork, the five-part interview also sees Aphex Twin discussing his fascination with sound and hinting at future projects, while confirming that he currently resides in Scotland; he even goes on to call jungle “the ultimate genre.” Pitchfork’s extensive Cover Story interview with the pioneering electronic producer can be read in its entirety here.