Some kids hit the library for the summer reading challenge, but not you, you budding young music producer. Instead, you’re gonna get the laptop heated up and head on over to Ableton’s Summer Music Challenge, where folks like Berlin techno god Apparat will judge your work, and hopefully net you and your school a host of awesome prizes. It’s pretty simple: Create a track, upload it to SoundCloud, share it with the world via Facebook, MySpace, etc., and sit back and wait for the glory to roll in. Prizes are awarded in two categories: under age 15, and ages 15-18. The deadline for the contest is August 31, so check out all the details here, and get makin’! (But remember, it’s just a contest… so don’t take Apparat’s route, pictured above, if you don’t win, okay?)

The grand-prize winner gets:

For your school:
1x Ableton Live Intro Site License (multi-installation license)
15x Novation Launchpad
15x Novation Nio 2/4 Audio Interface
25x SoundCloud Lite Account (1 year)
1x Loopmaster Origins Collection

For you:
1x Ableton Suite
1x Novation Launchpad
1x Novation Nio 2/4 Audio Interface
1x Soundcloud Premium Account (1 year)
1x Loopmaster Gift Certificate (250 EUR value)
There will also be 24 runners up in each age group. As a runner up, you will win:

24 runners up will receive:

For your school:
1x Ableton Live Intro Site License (multi-installation license)

For you:
1x Ableton Live Intro