After some online speculation that Apple had planned to stop updating Logic Pro, the California-based company has just announced the release of Logic Pro X, the latest update to its flagship DAW. Logic Pro X totally retools the software’s GUI, now utilising a sleek, matte-grey color scheme that bears an unsurprising resemblance to Garageband. Among the program’s many new features are a few that stand out in particular—including a Melodyne-like pitch editing feature called “Flex Pitch.” The new Arpeggiator feature, something longtime Logic users have been wishing for, has also been implemented, and includes the ability to edit rate, note order, octave range, and scale. There’s also a brand-new feature called “Drummer” that is said to produce “realistic drum tracks that respond to your direction and can perform millions of unique grooves in rock, alternative, songwriter, and R&B genres.” (A sneak peak into how “Drummer” works can be seen in the user-made instructional video below). The update also includes Logic Remote, a brand new link to Logic using iPad control. Logic Pro X is available in the app store as an immediate download for $199.99, with discounts available for upgrading users.