Wrecked Lightship has debuted on Peak Oil with a new album.

Comprised of Laurie Osborne (a.k.a Appleblim) and Adam Winchester (a.k.a Dot Product), Wrecked Lightship shares a fascination with destabilized rhythms, smudging dub, drum & bass, and kinetic sound design.

Antiposition both “refines and refracts” the project’s vision, we’re told. It follows Oceans And Seas, the pair’s 2023 album, on Midnight Shift Records.

Across six tracks, the UK pair moves between “haze and hyperspace, mythos and mystery,” the Los Angeles label continues. “It’s less deconstructed than reconstructed, fashioned from galactic debris and congealed by the gravity of outer spheres.”


01. Hex
02. Bizarre Servants
03. Antiposition
04. Sunken Skies
05. Diminished Ark
06. Sounding Bodies

Antiposition LP is available now. You can stream it in full via the player below and order it here.