Aquarian is back with a new release on his own Hanger Management imprint, titled Hamburglar Helper / Snack ID.

The new release follows the 2016 Hanger Management debut, Bad Feeling / Insulin, and, more recently, a string of outings that have included a sold-out experimental mixtape for Quiet Time, a contribution on the Discwoman / Allergy Season Anti-Trump compilation, Physically Sick, and a mix for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations.

The new release is a three-track affair that offers two original cuts and a collaborative “Deepfried” mix of the lead cut, “Hamburglar Helper,” alongside Deapmash. To give a taste of what’s to come on the release, Aquarian has shared a tongue-in-cheek video cut from anger-filled Gordon Ramsey clips, which, when paired with Aquarian’s relentless stripped-back rhythms, makes for highly enjoyable viewing.

Hamburglar Helper / Snack ID is out September 27 and can be pre-ordered here.