London’s Archie Hamilton will release a two-tracker on Be Chosen.

Joining the roster of artists that includes Reboot,Sascha Dive and Robert Dietz, Hamilton delivers a balanced record for the Autumn months.

The record opens with “Shake,” a tough and groovy club track with a catchy vocal, airy pads and a hooky flute sample. The track switches up halfway through adding a squelchy bass lead. On the flip, the electro-acid bassline of “The Message” works in conjunction with lush chords and organic percussion. This feeling only lasts for so long, however, as the pads are removed in the breakdown, the bass comes forward and the whole track is stripped back to it’s most driving elements.


01. Shake
02. The Message

In advance of the EP’s September 26 release, “Shake” is streamable in full below.