In the course of our 2012 Bubblin’ Up profile of Grenier, the Bay Area native revealed that he and Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago had begun working on a collaborative LP. Now, almost two years later, the outfits’ combined efforts are set to see a release as the Grenier Meets Archie Pelago LP, which will drop in May via the Melodic label. The forthcoming record’s 13 cuts are said to have had their roots from a “long hazy week” spent in the basement of a San Francisco art gallery, where Grenier and Archie Pelago began to record the sketches of the LP. As a result, the four artists agree that some of the “West Coast’s warmth” made its way onto the recordings, which were then mulled over, rearranged, edited, and further produced in the ensuing months.

Unfortunately, no audio from the collaborative project has surfaced yet, but we imagine that as the May 12 release date for Grenier Meets Archie Pelago nears, a preview or two is likely to surface. In the meantime, the artwork and tracklist for Grenier’s and Archie Pelago’s upcoming LP are included below.

01 Swoon
02 Navigator
03 Hyperion
04 Jellyfish Supernova
05 Phosphorent
06 Classon
07 Octavia
08 Tower Of Joined Hands
09 The Cartographer’s Wife
10 Two If By Sea
11 Pliny The Elder
12 Tell Me Everything
13 Monolith