Ojalá Systems’ Psypiritual and Detroit producer The Lasso will release a new album called Kirlian, out February 7 on Mello Music Group.

The album’s roots can be traced back to 2017 when The Lasso, real name Andy Catlin, was introduced Psypiritual, then 17, fresh out of high school, and already boasting a catalog of hundreds of songs. The two sparked up a friendship and collaboration that revolved around the studio space of Ojala Systems, a music, art, and activism collective featured on XLR8R+.

In 2020, with The Lasso now living in Detroit, Psypiritual used money from his first job to buy a plane ticket north. The two camped out in The Lasso’s home studio for eight days, with The Lasso producing and performing all of the instruments. As The Lasso cut tracks, Psypiritual wrote verses, and by the end of the session the two had created a large body of material defined by lush analog synths, bossa nova guitar chords, and dubbed-out acoustic percussion.

The album was mixed and mastered at High-Bias Recordings in Detroit. The body of work stands as a “fusion between two cultures, two generations, and two unique musical visions,” we’re told.


01. Gravewave
02. Tobe
03. Spawn (feat. Motorkam)
04. Layman
05. Cesar Llavez
06. Palma Dutch (feat. Sam Cooper)
07. c2=a2+b2
08. Nuketown
09. Macrowave
10. Jimi
11. Zodiac Cognac
12. Seeking a Friend for the End

Kirlian LP is out February 7, with pre-order here. Meanwhile, stream “Cesar Llavez” in full below.

Cover | Mylkweed