Arnaldo kicks off his new label with a solo EP.

Berlin-based musician William Arnaldo Smith has shared his craft via the likes of Smallville, UntilMyHeartStops and Greta Cottage Workshop in recent years (as well as appearing on Scissor and Thread as Rosas Nievas). Early next month, he will kick off a new endeavor of his own—Naturist Recordings.

The label will focus on his own productions for the time being, kicking off with four-tracker Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists. The EP will firstly be released as a hand-stamped vinyl, arriving with the first of four artwork designs, which will form a larger image together.

Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists will be released February 3. Stream snippets below.


01. Plumed Serpent
02. Precipitation
03. Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight Since 1984
04. 177 Downlow