Producer and mix-master of precious, simple melody and rhythm, New York’s Arp (a.k.a. Alexis Georgopoulos) just offered a mix of the kinds of bands, artists, and songs he includes under the umbrella of “minimal” (or what most people might call “minimalism”). Over on SF-based label Root Strata‘s blog, you can download Arp’s Minimal Mix for Two Turntables, which includes some more well-known numbers from John Cale and Faust as well as plenty of musical obscurities, including a track from his recent collaborator, Slapp Happy‘s Anthony Moore. You can check out the tracklist below, and download the whole thing here.

01. Anthony Moore – “Mu Na H–Uile Ni A Shaoileas”
02. Ellen Fullman – “Harmonic Cross Sweep”
03. Lubomyr Melnyk – “The Fountain (For Two Pianos)”
04. Roberto Cacciapaglia – “Sonanze: 9th Movement”
05. Balanescu Quartet String Quartet – “No. 2 VI”
06. Circle – “B.F.F.”
07. Henry Flynt – “You Are My Everlovin’”
08. John Cale & Terry Riley – “Ides of March”
09. Brainticket – “Cosmic Wind”
10. Virginia Astley – “It’s Too Hot To Sleep”
11. Faust – “Krautrock”