Alex Georgopoulos, the multi-tasking musician and producer best known for his work with Tussle and, more recently, Arp, recently completed work on his sophomore solo album, The Soft Wave. The new work comes nearly three years after Arp’s debut record, In Light, and will be released on the same label, Smalltown Supersound, September 7. The Soft Wave was written and recorded during Georgopoulos’ recent move from San Francisco to New York, and is said to incorporate more varied live instrumentation (guitar, flute, piano, and even vocals) than its predecessor. The press release for Arp’s new album states, “Though Georgopoulos still has a knack for creating environments in which you want to recline, hammock-style, he’s also peppered The Soft Wave with soft blasts of blissed–out fuzz. Recorded to two-inch tape, its warm glow and blown-out formalism will undoubtedly appeal to a broad, sophisticated range of tastes.” A 12″ single of the record’s lead track, “Pastoral Symphony,” will precede The Soft Wave in August, along with remixes from Sweden’s Studio, Etienne Jaumet, and Mauve Deep. Check out the album’s tracklist and artwork below.

01 Pastoral Symphony: I. Dominoes II. Infinity Room
02 White Light
03 Alfa (Dusted)
04 Catch Wave
05 High Life
06 Grapefruit
07 Summer Girl
08 From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea
09 Silver Clouds