It’s not everyday that a group offers up humanized disco the way that Brooklyn-based outfit Escort does. Featuring all live instrumentation by upwards of over 20 members, this collective churns out late night, falsetto bangers for the loose-limbed and uninhibited. Only a few EPs into its career, the band has already garnered acclaim from Ewan Pearson and Trevor Jackson, while earning remix points for the likes of Tracey Thorn and Morgan Geist. XLR8R recently caught up with the nocturnal magnates to see what classics inspire the leaders of the live disco revolution.

Escort Top Ten Albums
1. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah BandS/T (RCA/Victor)
2. Rinder and LewisSeven Deadly Sins (AVI)
3. FunkapolitanS/T (London)
4. Gino SoccioFace to Face (Atlantic)
5. ChicGreatest Hits (Atlantic)
6. Metro AreaS/T (Environ)
7. The ClashLondon Calling (CBS)
–Even though Sandanista has the disco jams, this is the one.
8. Pixies Doolittle (4AD)
9. The SlitsThe Cut (Elektra)
10. Prince1999 (Warner Bros.)