Portland-based, post-ambient producer Adam Forkner has a definite pension for the stranger side of things (on his MySpace page he states he wants to play in “healing huts”). On his latest offering, Prism of Eternal Now, Forkner’s universe is composed of rich, delayed textures, Eastern drums, and engulfing feedback. Recording for both Marriage and Kranky Records, this young mystic may be the next Eno. Look for White Rainbow on tour with Dirty Projectors and YACHT in a town near you.

Prism of Eternal Now is out October 1, 2007 on Kranky.

White Rainbow’s Top Ten Picks
1. Bugskull Phantasies and Senseitions (Road Cone)
2. John Cale/Terry Riley Church of Anthrax (Warner Bros.)
3. Be Gulls By the Beach (RAD)
4. Jon Hassell Dream Theory In MalayaForth World Volume Two (Editions E.G.)
5. Deuter Aum (Kuckuck)
6. Franco Falsini Cold Nose Soundtrack (Polydor)
7. Ali Farka Toure Niafunke (Hannibal)
8. Michael Brook Hybrid with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois (Editions EG)
9. Boredoms Vision Creation New Sun (Warner Bros. Japan)
10. Steve Hillage Rainbow Dome Musick (Virgin)