Who:Rainbow Arabia
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Husband-and-wife duo Rainbow Arabia (a.k.a. Daniel and Tiffany Preston) has been simmering in the L.A. underground ever since the release of last fall’s The Basta EP, but the upcoming release of their debut album, Kabukimono, is sure to bring things to a boil. Initially inspired by Middle Eastern sounds found on a couple of Sublime Frequencies compilations—Daniel actually ordered some microtonal synths from Lebanon online—the pair’s latest offerings incorporate a variety of tropical, African, and Southeast Asian rhythms into their dark and danceable aesthetic. With humorous videos (the clip for “Omar K” chronicles the “horrors” of werewolves unleashed in a supermarket) and a sound that could be described as a globetrotting Gang Gang Dance, Rainbow Arabia’s twisted tropical vibes just might be the perfect soundtrack for a sweaty summer.

Listen: “Haunted Hall”

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Watch: “OMAR K”