Where: Boston, MA / Philadelphia, PA

Producers Tanner Ross and James Watts (a.k.a. KiloWatts) met six years ago on a website devoted to music production and have been in cahoots ever since under the name Voodeux. With approximately 300 miles between their respective homes, the M.O. hasn’t changed; the two still exchange macabre ideas and cement their trademark creepy beats entirely over the internet. Voodeux brings listeners into the world of shadowy techno and haunted house—without being too spooky for the occasional funk line or electronic handclap. After hearing the duo’s sinister sound on their 2008 EP, The Curses, Claude Von Stroke commissioned the boys to craft an album and further indulge their inherent dark tendencies. Thus, they set about spinning a disturbed web of edgy, minimal techno that would eventually become their debut full-length, The Paranormal, set to drop this July.

Listen to The Paranormal Promo Mix

Listen: “Just a Spoonful (Edit)”