ARTS boss Emmanuel will release a new LP, titled Rave Culture—the label’s first LP.

ARTS has been running since 2013 and released over 40 records to date from the likes of Terrence Dixon, Cleric, Mark Broom, and ASC. This record is “a direct reflection” of the inspiration behind the imprint’s output. The label has barely seen any attention in the media but has been a staple in techno DJ’s bags for years.

Rave Culture is a record that pushes the boundaries of techno to another level,” the label explains, and consists of “boomy powerful rave weapons” that “cut straight for the bowels of illegal warehouse spaces far and wide.” It is said to be Emmanuel’s “largest achievement yet and aims to showcase who he is.”


A1. Shinobi 忍び
A2. Chainreaction
B1. Conductor
B2. Anthem 1
B3. Simmetria
C1. Ultratribe
C2. Pixel Drifter
C3. Do Something Instead Of Killing Time Because Time Is Killing You
D1. Killer Floor
D2. Principio di Forza

Rave Culture LP is scheduled for September 25 release with a teaser video streaming above.