After teasing an upcoming audio interface for the past few months, Arturia have now detailed its new Audiofuse device (pictured above) along with news of an update to its BeatStep rhythm controller, the BeatStep Pro.

The Audiofuse is a compact audio interface that offers two XLR/balanced 1/4″ combo inputs (and an additional phono/line input), A/B speaker outputs, and two separate headphone outputs (each with individual volume control), as well as MIDI, ADAT, WordClock, and S/PDIF ins and outs. Furthermore, the unit contains Arturia’s new DiscretePRO mic preamps on its main input channels, which provide a “unique, totally discrete circuit that goes beyond the limitations of integrated circuits,” for a high-quality sound. The unit also manages to deliver zero latency monitoring of signals being recorded through the device. The Audiofuse interface is set to arrive in stores a few months down the road and is expected to retail for somewhere around $599; more information can be found here.

Arturia has also revealed plans to release a beefed up version of its BeatStep controller, the BeatStep Pro, in the coming months. The upgraded unit features two monophonic step sequencers (with up to 64 steps per sequence), a 16-track drum sequencer, a Randomizer function with amount and probability settings, a touch strip which can be utilized for real-time looping and rolling, and a slew of performance controls. Like its predecessor, the BeatStep Pro also features a plethora of connectivity options, offering both CV/GATE outputs as well as MIDI ins and outs. The BeatStep Pro will land in stores in April, with its price tag expected to be somewhere around $299; more info can be found here.

Before both new Arturia products see their official release, slick demo videos for each can be watched below (though, we should warn you, the music in each surely leaves something to be desired).