ASOK will return to DVS1’s Mistress Recordings with his new EP, Mistress 14.

Mistress 14 is ASOK’s second release on Mistress, following 2015’s Count Zero. Over five tracks, he unfolds his raw sound aesthetic full of broken kick drum patterns, stepping basslines, and lush synths.

With 25 years of record collecting, DJing, and promoting parties around the United Kingdom, there is little of the dance music spectrum that ASOK, real name Stu Robinson, has not been involved with. The Liverpool.-based artist has amassed a deep understanding of a wide array of scenes, styles, and sounds from drum & bass to electro-funk, disco to house and techno, all underpinned by a love of breakbeat. His music as ASOK is described as “an amalgamation of this diversity,” and has featured on labels such as M>O>S, Lobster Theremin, and Crème Organization.

Robinson describes the release as “probably the most important EP I have ever made in terms of showing all the different things I am into.” He continues: “As a producer, it’s not easy to put an EP together that covers a little of everything, yet still sounds cohesive. Especially considering that all my tracks were recorded in long live takes, then edited down with no ability to change parts. Sometimes that requires some pretty heavy editing, but that’s one of the good things you get when making music this way. I’m in control of the creative process, rather than feeling like some kind of colored block administrator drawing blocks out on arrangement view of my computer.”


01. Space Rockets
02. Is Anyone
03. Last Refug
04. The Alchemist
05. Apano Sin (Digital Bonus)

Mistress 14 EP is out February 28 on vinyl and digital. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below and pre-order the release here.