Astral Plane Recordings will release CÉCI‘s Vortex on February 15.

CÉCI is a Danish producer and singer-songwriter based in London. Her music—a stripped-back, skeletal type of pop—is built from mind-bending sound design, haunting vocals, and ethereal energy that draws you in on first listen.

CÉCI’s new EP, Vortex, follows on from her debut outing, 4/4—a tense and inventive collection of glitchy electronics—with six affecting cuts that touch on IDM, bass, RnB, and pop. Vortex invites the listener into CÉCI’s surreal sonic world via tracks that feel at once personal and completely alien.

In support of the forthcoming release, Astral Plane has shared the video for “Heartbeat,” a track full of atmospheric pressure and dizzying sound design, available to stream via the player below.

You can pre-order the EP here.


1. Force

2. Foreveralone

3. Taste

4. Wait

5. Want

6. Heartbeat