Astronautica is back with a new album, Death Valley, scheduled for August 24 release via Alpha Pup Records on digital and physical formats. 

Death Valley is the singer-songwriter’s follow-up to her Gemini LP and the recent Gemini Remixes EP. It was written and recorded over the last three years and, like her past works, captures the eclectic nature of LA’s experimental electronic scene. 

Conceptually, Astronautica reimagined herself in various places of travel through the song-writing process, recreating the original vibes of each setting. This approach aims to take the listener through their own journeys while giving latitude to provide a window into the essence of her own pathway. “A lot of the inspiration for my music stems from travelling to places that I’ve never been to before or places I continually go back to, and the feelings they evoke in me upon going there,” states Astronautica. “I think with Death Valley, it truly is both an inward reflection as well as an extroverted sentiment. The vastness of the desert has always given me this feeling of awe, and Death Valley is my effort to capture that.”

Astronautica has released music with Alpha Pup Records for five years, dropping her debut-full length Replay Last Night in 2013, and following up with the 2014’s Waikiki EP and 2015’s Gemini LP. 

The desert is a recurring theme in a lot of my music and art. Something about it–the contrast of what looks like desolation to the naked eye to the vibrancy that one sees upon looking closer, the silence that allows you to hear the faint sounds in the air, the formations that are colors you’ve never even heard of before, and night sky that serves as a backdrop for every star in our galaxy – are all elements that I wanted to echo in Death Valley. I wanted to create an album that people could listen to while they cruise through their desert, wherever or whatever that may be for them.“—Astronautica


01. Sunrise Intro

02. Reasons

03. Racetracks

04. I’ve Never Been

05. Sand + Fog

06. Can’t Remember

07. Interlude

08. California Roll

09. Mahogany

10. You Should

11. Palms

12. Sunset Outro

Death Valley is scheduled for August 24 release via Alpha Pup Records, with “Can’t Remember” streaming in full via the player below.