Byetone‘s Raster-Media label has today shared a track from Atom™‘s forthcoming seven-track EP, in collaboration with Russian singer Lisokot.

Walzerzyklus sees Atom™ return to the raster family to complete his series that has once begun with Liedgut and continued with Winterreise. The seven tracks, all created in collaboration with Russian singer Lisokot, are subdivided into three pieces of two minutes each and four pieces of three minutes each, intentionally reflecting the 3/4 time of a classic waltz.

Throughout the release, Lisokot’s delicate vocals are connected to Atom™’s machine music, either complementing or contrasting each other. In the same line, the three shorter “Leitmotifs” provide the main theme that is taken up repeatedly in the course of the release.

The EP will be released on CD and as special vinyl edition limited to 300 copies.


01. leitmotif I . (02.00)
02. transhuman melody (03.00)
03. be bop a lula (03.00)
04. leitmotif II . (02.00)
05. maschinenwalzer (03.00)
06. alliiertenwalzer (03.00)
07. leitmotif III . (02.00)

Walzerzyklus will land on December 8, with “transhuman melody” streaming in full below.